Start, grow and train your in-house sustainability team

In-house Skill Development

While we love to be the consultant on a team, we believe that architecture and engineering firms are strengthened with in-house sustainability support. Iterative modeling, thoughtful integration of high performance strategies, digging into performance questions that repeat from one project to the other, day-to-day staff exposure to sustainability education: none of these are as effective as when they are facilitated by well-trained in-house staff.

Taking the step to develop and maintain that skillset in-house, however, can be daunting and often results in inefficient design processes. With more than ten years of experience building technical practices around sustainability within architecture and engineering firms, AIRLIT studio can help.

Aren’t we working ourselves out of a job? If that means that the planet’s architecture and engineering firms will have the right in-house capabilities for our zero-carbon future in ten years, then we’ll gladly go into retirement! We build practices with the goal of phasing out in 1-2 years and provide ongoing technical support on a retainer basis for the firms we work with. 


  • Strategic visioning to start in-house group
  • Roadmapping for in-house team growth
  • Building science one-on-one or firm-wide training 
  • QA/QC for technical in-house analysis
  • Sustainability candidate screening